Accepted Papers

Research Track

#18 Euclidean Based Change Detection in Graph Streams
Yaser Keneshloo

#46 Evaluating Surgical Performance in Real Time Using Data Mining
Yun Zhou, Ioanna Ioannou, James Bailey, Stephen O'Leary and Gregor Kennedy

#30 A Novel Framework Using Two Layers of Missing Value Imputation
Md Geaur Rahman and Zahid Islam

#43 Two Stage Similarity-aware Indexing for Large-scale Real-time Entity Resolution
Shouheng Li, Huizhi Liang and Banda Ramadan

#54 To Learn or to Rule: Two Approaches for Extracting Geographical Information from Unstructured Text
Philipp Katz and Alexander Schill

#21 Features for Measuring the Congestive Extent of Internal Hemorrhoids in Endoscopic Images
Koji Abe, Hidenori Takagi, Masahide Minami and Haiyan Tian

#23 Towards a Feature Rich Model for Predicting Spam Emails containing Malicious Attachments and URLs
Khoi-Nguyen Tran, Mamoun Alazab and Roderic Broadhurst

#35 A Concept-based Retrieval Method for Entity-oriented Search
Jun Hou and Richi Nayak

#24 Sentiment Augmented Bayesian Network
Sylvester Olubolu Orimaye

#31 Intelligent Double Treatment Iterative Algorithm for Attribute Reduction Problems
Saif Kifah, Salwani Abdullah and Yahya Z. Arajy

#44 A New Modification of Kohonen Neural Network for VQ and Clustering Problems
Ehsan Mohebi and Adil Bagirov

#59 An investigation on window size selection for human activity recognition
Anthony Blond, Wei Liu and Rachel Cardell-Oliver

#14 Extraction of Essential Region in Gastric Area for Diagnosing Gastric Cancer Using Double Contrast X-ray Images
Koji Abe, Hideaki Nakagawa, Masahide Minami and Haiyan Tian

#37 Cyberbullying Detection based on Text-Stream Classification
Vinita Nahar, Xue Li and Chaoyi Pang

#50 Searching Frequent Pattern and Prefix Trees for Higher Order Rules
Liang Ping, John Roddick and Denise de Vries

Industry Track

#20 Predictive Modelling Using Random Forest and Its Hybrid Methods with Geostatistical Techniques in Marine Environmental Geosciences
Jin Li

#8 A non-parametric approach to model dependent Bernoulli trials
Richard Gao

#19 A Novel Process of Group-oriented Question Reduction for Rule-based Recommendation Websites
Lin Chen

#49 CONVERTING SOCIAL DATA INTO A STRATEGIC INFORMATION ASSET. Using Social Media data for comparing Brand Awareness, levels of Consumer Engagement, Public Opinion and Sentiment For Big Four Australian Banks
Inna Kolyshkina, Boris Levin and Grant Goldsworty

#39 Predicting usefulness of online reviews using stochastic gradient boosting and randomized trees
Madhav Kumar and Shreyes Upadhyay

#40 Data Cleaning and Matching of Institutions in Bibliographic Databases
Jeffrey Fisher, Qing Wang, Paul Wong and Peter Christen

#11 Analysing Twitter Data with Text Mining and Social Network Analysis
Yanchang Zhao

#36 sRADAR : A Complex Event Processing and Visual Analytics System for Maritime Intelligence
Naveen Nandan, Baljeet Malhotra and Daniel Dahlmeier

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