Submission Guidelines

We invite two types of submissions for AusDM 2013:

Academic submissions: Normal academic submissions reporting on research progress, with a paper length of between 8 and 12 pages in CRPIT style, as detailed below. For academic submissions we will use a double-blinded review process. Paper submissions must not include authors names or affiliations (nor acknowledgements referring to funding bodies). Self-citing references should also be removed from the submitted papers (they can be added after the review).

Industry submissions: Submissions from government and industry authors can report on data mining implementations in practise and experiences. Submissions in this category can be between 4 and 8 pages in CRPIT style, as detailed below. These submissions do not need to be double-blind reviewed. A special committee consisting of industry representatives will assess industry submissions.

LaTeX is the suggested and preferred typesetter.

Please note that submissions that are not following the CRPIT style and are not formatted for double blind review will be rejected without being reviewed by the program committee.

When preparing your paper, please follow these steps:

  1. Download the style files from the CRPIT authors Web page:


  2. Set the author details to:

    Submitted for Blind Review

    For LaTeX, this corresponds to:

    \author{Submitted for Blind Review}

  3. Set the affiliation details to empty. For LaTeX, this corresponds to:


  4. It is possible to keep necessary self-citing references, however, make sure you refer to your own prior work in the same way as you refer to any prior work by other authors. For example, rather than writing:

    "As we have shown earlier (Smith 1999), this method is...",

    you should re-phrase this to, for example:

    "As has been shown earlier in (Smith 1999), this method is..."

    Authors should, however, exclude any references to their own previous work (such as technical reports) that is not fundamental to understanding the submitted paper. Such references can be added for the final camera-ready paper after successful acceptance.

  5. When submitting the PDF version of your paper, do NOT use your name as file name, rather use a name that is descriptive of your paper. For example, rather than submitting a paper named:


    use a file name such as:


Submission Link

Please submit your paper using EasyChair.

For further information contact AusDM13@ausdm.org

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